Monday, July 27, 2009


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Monday, July 20, 2009

My birthday surprise!!!

17 July every year means so much to me. It's my birthday.Maybe,for some people, birthday is not very important at all,it just the moment when your age is added another year.But not for me.I really think that birthday is a special day in my life. Every year,I will have the same request on my birthday,appreciation from my family and friends.I really hope to be appreciate on this day,no matter how they express their appreciation,at least I being remembered on my birthday.Even it is just a simple two word "Happy Birthday", i felt like i have won a lottery.That why I like to promote my own birthday,cause for me, we need to stress out the special day in our life,moreover it once a year.Its not wrong to ask for some attention in the day that you think special ,right?
Ok,let's straight to the point. Actually, I had no plan on my birthday this year. I just sitting at my room,counting how many birthday message I got and that day just past like that.I didn't expected anything happen and,that it is,this day only pass by without any celebration. But,1 thing make me felt really curious,why my best friends at UTM didn't say anything on my birthday even wishing me "Happy Birthday".So,I just assuming maybe they forgot my birthday,meanwhile the semester is just begun, so a lot of other things to do instead of remembering my birthday. But,who knows, actually they had plan my birthday suprise. 18.7,after having a mass at SCC (Skudai Catholic Centre),we have another program,GIFT fellowship.The fellowship start with a talk from Fr.Jojo,and sharing from seniors(Kath Hazel and Joseph).And then we having a dinner downstairs. When I enter the room(dinner room), i just wonder why the light is off. 20 minutes pass by and suddenly Bath coming with a cake and everybody singing birthday song. 1-2 second i still blur,whom birthday are they celebrating cause my birthday was pass yesterday. And Bath come close to me and I saw on the cake "Happy Birthday Dut-dut".Yeay!Its me.hahahaha. They really succeed in made me surprised.Thank you to all my friends.This is the best birthday i ever had.Thanks.Not only that,Walton and Bath also gave me a birthday present.hehehe.I'm happy,really2 happy.
Thanks Gifters.

GIFT fellowship 18 July 2009

Some junior that came that night...Welcome to GIFT ha.....