Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 2 —A letter to Your Crush

hah..look like this challenge become more and more difficult..I really don't know what to write this day...honestly, at first, i didn't really get the meaning of "crush"..confius a bit..hahha..after some research and some revision i understand that i should write a letter to person that I like or maybe attract me or better person that I fall in love, i will try my best..:-)


hi there,

I don't know since when you became priority of my life. I cannot live even a single day without thinking of you, thinking of your smile, your laugh, your face and even I can smell your perfume everywhere. Oh , you should tell me what spell you used on me that make me smiling alone thinking of you everyday...even now its getting worst, you keep appears in my dreams and make me wake up late everyday, coz what a sweet sweet dream..ha..:-)
Other maybe think I shouldn't liked you this much because you are too good for me, but me myself can't control this feeling too, its beyond my control too...and for they information, i didn't like you because you are that good or you are hot , macho or sewaktu dengannya.. i'm not in love with your physical (except your smile) but with the person inside you..
here, 5 things that make me having crush on you:
1. you are so special in your own never tried to be second-version of other, you are just so cool being yourself.
2. i like the way you care about people around you, especially your family, your sibling...
3. Only you who dare to scold me (besides my family and cikgu2 sekolah dulu) when I have done mistakes or make me think and learn a lot from my own mistakes.
4. I loves your jokes, your sense of humor..Every words that come from you can make others laugh..
5. and, like what I said earlier, I like your smiles, it so sincere..I can see hope in your smile, that can bring sunshine to other.
addition, you really good in manage yourself, your time, your study, your money and even your stress..

I should end this letter I guest, I have talked to much..sorry..last word from me...
no matter what happen after this, either you are mine or not,I'm glad, cause I once had you as my crush..I will waiting for you in the next birth, if you are not mine this time....but there is nothing wrong to keep hoping right...theres nothing wrong to keep hoping, but u must sure dat it is worthy to hope for =) hope keeps human alive. u must not let hope disappear. when it gone, da person in u will gone too. juz make sure u keep hoping.. whatever hope it is.. =) (thanks to Walton for the idea that completed my sentence:-) )

~peminat awak~

Having crush is not just about liking someone for fun, it is about feeling attached with someone beyond your control and even we ourself don't know how to stop thinking about that person...-sa cakap-

when serving God.....

I should answer my 2nd-day challenge kan, tapi really want to write bout this now,mlam nanti lah sambung challenge tu kan.hihi..

Just after GIFT exco reflection..actually for exco only, but then milton(mr.president ask me to come), so i join them..after around 10 minutes in AVI room(tmpt reflection tu lah), I said to Milton, look like I'm doing nothing here, better I go out. But then, after 5 minutes left that room, I felt quilty, especially towards Milton, he asked me to come, i should be there, although doing nothing there, I should just be there and show a little support to them (apalah sa ni..haha) .....then, sa pun masuk balik and join group under VP1...bila join dorang & dengar reflection from everyone of them kan, i really touched..apa yg paling sa suka bila masing-masing mereka cakap"sebenarnya sa sgt kesian dengan kamu, dengan department kamu, macam susah jak mok cari org"..Then, the other 1 lagi pun cakap "sa pun sebenarnya kesian dengan ur department"....bila dgr ni, my heart rejoiced..happy..this is what we call Gifters..each other think about one another, not their own department only..thanks God coz you give us that spirit, caring for each other, 1 family spirit..with that spirit sebenarnya yang buat we Gifters can serve You more and more...:-)
after all of them finished with their sharing, suddenly, they request for me and 1 of my pencen mate(identiti dirahsiakan) to share too..1 question that we need to answer "y you still want to serve although you are not in exco anymore, y are u still here?"hahhaha..lagi susah dari soalan programming final..
i don't know if my long sharing just now really answer that, lets me share again the answer here...rite after GIFT AGM that day, i really frustrated when i didn't won any post..check my previous entry if you want to know more what I felt that time..kalo sa crita balik, pnjg sgt entry ni nanti..haha(

First reason:sa blum puas, dats y I'm still here...yah, of course our priority here is to study, tapi kalo study saja without joining Gift, i think, sa x bole berkembang...and kalo joining GIFT saja tanpa pelayanan juga i will not growing in my spritual..I must do something to God, so that I can growing in my faith...hanya ketika melayani Tuhan sa rasa sa bole express diri saya sepenuh-penuhnya..I will automatically being who I am when I serve God, coz I know God will not judging me...didn't believe me our god never judge us?ok, i will proof..hahhaa..bila sa jadi komentator nobody will judge me for my point or apa2 jaklah..tapi kalo present dalam klas, mesti untuk markah kan, & mesti mok kna follow lecturer punya expectation bru dapat markah yg bgus..see..when we serve dalam koir ka, or anything God won't put any limit for us..buruk kah suara kita, He didn't care that..yg pntg hati kita..that y i'm still here my fren..i want to be at place where i can be myself, without any limit..haha....look like diffrent from answer just know kan..hahha..sebab, sometime there is unspoken words that cannot be express, tapi bila tulis, merepek, back to the question..

the other reason y I'm still serving God: I love what I do, and I enjoy it..I believe ,once we follow Jesus, not we who decide when to stop..there is no on/off button in serving God, He is the one that will give us rest if we are tired, tell us to stop or to go on...He know what is the best for us..He own us, and he knows everything about us...

i really struck with my dearest fren' word just now: "God will provided"....yah, kdg2 dlm hidup kita selalu rsau tentang mcm2 kan, tntg makan, mnum, money, love life,study, anything lah..tapi once we trust God, He will provide...Dia sentiasa melengkapi..macam tu juga dalam bila kita melayani, He always provide...bila kita rasa kerja kita itu berat, He will be there to comfort us, in way that we cannot see...God will provide, always and never failed.
markus 6~8: Bapamu mengetahui apa yang kamu perlukan sebelum kamu minta kepada-Nya.25: Janganlah khuatir akan hidupmu, akan apa hendak kamu makan atau minum, dan janganlah kuatir pula akan tubuhmu, akan apa yang akan kamu pakai.32: akan tetapi Bapamu yang di sorga tahu, bahwa kamu memerlukan semua itu.

last word, don't feel burden when it come to serve lord my dear fren..He will guide us, hold our hand and be besides us, anytime.....