Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why ?

He asked , " Why would you always  care so much ? "

"Because I know how awful is it to go through something without anyone there to care.
  Besides, you were always there whenever I need someone, its returning a favor. " she replied in  smile.

e.r.t 27.4.15

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 3

Day 3- My favorite quote

Its not easy to find time for blogging, so I was so delayed now. But its ok, I will try my best to finish this 30 days , even though it took longer than expected. Here come the third day :

I love how this quote bring out a lot of positive vibe within me. This clearly teach me to see a life through a bright side. :-)



Friday, February 6, 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2 - 20 Facts about me

30 Day Blogging Challenge - 20 Facts about me

Look like this challenge become harder & harder. 20 Facts sound too many, don't know if I can pull out 20 facts about myself..hahaha.. Let just give a try ^_^ In English would be hard for me, so kita kasi mix saja bahasa..haha

1.  Ketahuilah saya ini kuat melatah. This is a serious problem :-P
2. Ketahuilah saya ini hantu cat kuku - I cannot go out without doing my nails , and I kept my nails long :-) Its a passion!
3. Ketahuilah, saya pencinta Korean Band CNBLUE! Ini kipas susah mati ni.
4. Ketahuilah, saya suka tengok bola juga, tapi waktu ada perlawanan penting sahaja. World Cup, COPA , Euro saya layan. Weekly punya tu nda larat bangun pagi mok tengok .:-P
5. Ketahuilah, saya selalu bermimpikan Jung Yong Hwa & Lionel Messi..hahaha. Serius ni, sampai pernah mimpi Messi datang Mukah. Hebat!
6. Ketahuilah. saya mungkin nampak ramah mesra hijau daun, tapi saya agak susah untuk rapat dengan orang. Kalau ngam kepala, sekali jumpa boleh kamceng terus, kalau nda ngam berbulan bulan masih tiada topik persamaan itu :-)
7. Ketahuilah, my body age goes over my actual age. Punyalah buruk!
8. Ketahuilah, saya tak makan tauge..haha
9. Ketahuilah, kopi pun saya tidak minum, migrain!haha
10. Ketahuilah, saya balik2 kecewa dalam cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan..haha.Sabar sabar :-P
11. Ketahuilah, saya ada 4 anak buah yang pandai2 comel2 nakal2..Haha
12. Ketahuilah, saya masih layan Kartun Barbie sampai sekarang!
13. Ketahuilah, saya agak kuat berinstagram. And setiap caption on my insta harus start dengan "Because"
14. Ketahuilah, saya suka melihat bunga api !
15. Ketahuilah, saya suka melihat bintang juga!
16. Ketahuilah, saya agak puitis orangnya, rajin mengarang , kadang2 berbunga bahasa.haha
17. Ketahuilah, saya bukanlah penakut, tapi saya tak tengok cerita hantu. Terimagine itu hantu ! eeee..haha
18. Ketahuilah, saya anak mak. Dululah..dulu..haha
19. Ketahuilah, saya cepat boring buat benda, jadi saya kurang ada hobi.
20. Ketahuilah, walau bagaimanapun, membaca adalah hobi saya..hahaha

I think I did well! hahaha.

Next post would be on My Favourite Quote ^_^

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 1 My Blog Name

So, I am far behind my scheduled, promise to start this last Monday, but was so busy & cannot really found a minute for this. Finally! Here, I start my first day.

Day 1- Your Blog Name

Since I started my blog, I remember I changed the name once. I can really recalled the first name.
Then, until now the name stick to " Every girl has her own fairy tales " . I am a big fan of fairy tales, to mention Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White or do you watch Barbie, or Once Upon A Time Series, oh God I'm in love with all this kind of stories. A fairy tales lover like me always believe that every girl were born with their own story, their own fairy tales. Everyone of us will go through different set of stories, different timeline, different ending. And, for me, no matter how hard your story is at the end everyone will live happily ever after just like in all those fairy tales.  A fairy tales somehow makes me seeing this life in a positive way, dreaming a happy ending & never give up in life. My blog mostly talk about me, my life, my dream, my story & my fairy tales.

See you on the next post :-)

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Monday, February 2, 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge

So, I have promised to do this,lets start then. :-) Check out the next post for Day 1 ^_^

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