Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 journey (^_*)

I wake up early for my thesis, but after 2 hours, I feel very sleepy and I end up here, blogging..ahaha.Its 15 December already. What, 15 December! Are you kidding me? Yes babe, only two weeks left before say hye hye 2012 and bye bye 2011. 2011 is coming to the end. For me, personally, 2011 is the most amazing year I ever had. Lets do a short preview on my 2011 ..masam-masam manis (^_*)

I start my year with Internship training. I love it, although 5 months training is too long. I get to know the real working life out there, met new friends and the most important things learn the real life is.

Another year celebrating my Valentine alone..ahhaa...Nothing much I can remember February..aha.

Lots of big events..Started with MJCC Dinner, followed by UTM Borneo Night and ended up with Battle of the Band. March painted such a colorful memories in my life.

 MJCC Dinner

UTM  Borneo Night 2011


Its Easter people. The best Easter I have so far at UTM.

 Easter Celebration 2011

I bet you, this is the most amazing month. I officially an aunty on 10th May..Baby Noami Celeste Timas was born. What else can I said instead of thank you May for such a wonderful gift (^_*)..

 Beautiful angel from above

I'm home to the place where I belong..ahahha..Spending my most precious time with my family and with new born baby..Oh God, no word can express the excitement.

I love July. I turned 23 years old..Still young in heart, ok..ahaha..1 month as babysitter for baby Felicity...New experience!

WOW!WOW!WOW!Believe it or not, August 2011, another historical moment painted.
No.1: Another baby born into the family_My nephew, baby Aidil-1 August 2011. Great opening for my August..Indeed, God continuous blessing shower upon me.

 He is God's amazing prince

No.2 : I fly to Spain babe..Yes, Spain..Joining World Youth Day & FOCUS International Conference. To be honest, I still cannot believe I was there. Being among 1.6 million youth that gather at Madrid . And, I saw our beloved Pope dear friend, just 5m away from me. Oh, I almost crying remembering this wonderful moment.  Santiago de Compostella, Avilla, Fatima, Real Madrid Stadium I was there too..Praise the Lord..August is truly awesome (^_*)


 FOCUS International Conference, Samos, Spain 2011

 Real Madrid Stadium baby :-)

 Santiago de Compostella

 Papal Pope

 World Youth Day 2011

Starting my new semester as final year student! Celebrating senior and beloved friend graduation day.

 Gifters Convocation

Reunion with great great friend
::Annete- during her convo at UMT (^-*)

::Peter -during Majlis Lan Berambeh Anak Sarawak at PWTC -we met after almost 4 years (^_*)
 Jennifer Doris Ega a.k.a J...My childhood friend-also during Majlis Lan Berambeh Anak Sarawak at PWTC  (^_*)
::Stanley Jok_the craziest friend of mine, visit us at UTM (^_*)

 ~Saying goodbye to our dearest grandpa-17 October 2011, we love you always and forever Mayeng.

Ended up dating with my thesis. Ahahha...too much beautiful memories on November, lets photo describe all.

To be continue..ahhahaha

gotta go people...Thanks God for another wonderful year I have..Thanks for accompany me , walked with me throughout this year..May 2012 bring another wonderful, beautiful chapter in my life..God bless (^_*)