Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dream Trip To Macau

" You have to dream before your dreams can come true. " -A.P.J Abdul Kalam

I always love travelling and Macau is one of the places in my Must Travel List. To be honest, Korean famous drama Boys Over Flowers actually first one who introduced me to Macau. I fell in love with Macau once I saw how beautiful is this city through that drama,and I said to myself, I must go to Macau one day! Then again, Running Man, Korean famous variety show, make my love to Macau deeper through one of their episode in Macau and starting that day Macau climbed to the top rank of My Must travel list .

Beauty in diversity  :  Macau, the fusion between the beautiful history of Portuguese and Chinese culture. 

My love to explore the diversity of cultures and  ethnicity through out the world always been the main reason why I wanted to go on travelling. I have come to learn, through reading & watching videos/ dramas/ shows about Macau, that Macau has a very unique fusion of cultures. They have Chinese majority population and the Portuguese's history that blend well to create a very unique cultures and lifestyle. I would say, Macau can be describes as Chipsmore. Yes, the chocolate chips & the biscuits compliment each other very well, just like how the Chinese & Portuguese cultures in Macau compliment each other very well too. And as much as I love to eat Chipsmore, I am eager to finally visiting Macau one day and witness this unique culture and lifestyle with my own eyes.

Love at the first sight : Macau, Asia's very own little Europe

First things that comes to my mind when I saw photos and videos about Macau, most of the buildings has European architecture taste and it was absolutely stunning! Lets name few, Senado Square, The Cathedral Macau, St. Damingo's Church and the main attraction of Macau, Ruins of St. Paul. Its somehow remind me a little bit of my visit to Spain on 2011, and also, it does remind me to Venice, Italy. To be able to capture all this beautiful building and sight with my own camera would be very overwhelming !

Photo Source : Google image :

Live life to the fullest : Macau Tower & the bungee Jumping

I would say I born to be an adrenaline junkie. This little soul of mine love thrill and excitement. It would be a great life achievement if I can jump from World highest bungee jumping , 233m at Macau Tower. To make it complete, I would go for Skywalk, and possessed myself with Macau city view from the top of Macau Tower.  And, lets go for all,  so lets also try Tower Climb. Oh my God, that definitely make a lifetime history! 

Running Man's casts did it! So, I must do it too ^_^
Photo Source, Google Image :

A happy tummy : Eat all I can!

Macau would be a great place to make my little tummy happy for the rest of the month! From the famous Portuguese eggs tarts, to the almonds cookies and sweet pork jerky , omoo yummy. 
And a must try Serradura ( a desert made of creme, cracker crumbs covered with soff egg white) , the most famous Portuguese dish, Bacalhau, and Paella (Portuguese Seafood and Rice). I would definitely eat all I can :-)

Macau , as unique as it name, it would be great if I am send to this trip. SEND ME, the one who will dancing along to the  Portuguese Dance on the street. SEND ME , the one who will reach the sky and bungee jumping off 233M Macau tower, SEND ME, an ordinary girl who has so much love to learn & explore more about culture and lifestyle of Macau and all over the world. SEND ME, a simple soul who thirst for more adventure and life changing experience! SEND ME, a little tummy who craving for Macau delight cuisine and foods. 

To conclude, here are my OATH, my first commitment to  Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia, Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and even just participate in this contest already overwhelmed me. 

Dream Trip to Macau Oath

If I am chosen as a lucky winner, I would enjoy my trip to Macau to the fullest and with my humble heart promise to do all of this :

1.  Fully utilizes my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to brag about my wonderful journey and experiences during the trip.
2. Express all of my joys and satisfaction by writing about my travel experiences in my blog.
3. Appreciate every moments of those 3D2N given time to do everything that I can while in Macau.

I love Macau <3 p="">

If you love to join me in this contest, come visit Nuffnang official page Dream Trip to Macau Contest or  Facebook page My Macau :-)

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