Thursday, February 5, 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 1 My Blog Name

So, I am far behind my scheduled, promise to start this last Monday, but was so busy & cannot really found a minute for this. Finally! Here, I start my first day.

Day 1- Your Blog Name

Since I started my blog, I remember I changed the name once. I can really recalled the first name.
Then, until now the name stick to " Every girl has her own fairy tales " . I am a big fan of fairy tales, to mention Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White or do you watch Barbie, or Once Upon A Time Series, oh God I'm in love with all this kind of stories. A fairy tales lover like me always believe that every girl were born with their own story, their own fairy tales. Everyone of us will go through different set of stories, different timeline, different ending. And, for me, no matter how hard your story is at the end everyone will live happily ever after just like in all those fairy tales.  A fairy tales somehow makes me seeing this life in a positive way, dreaming a happy ending & never give up in life. My blog mostly talk about me, my life, my dream, my story & my fairy tales.

See you on the next post :-)

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