Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life as eleh^^

amboi..title bukan main! :-P.

Its been a month.Life as System & Network Engineer, I guess...
1. Don't dream to see me in smart office attire:-)
2. I spend half of the day in server room and PABX room .
3. Server Management Console is my new bestfriend.
4. What is Microsoft Exchange Online, Office 365?ish ish.
5. Hi Emilia, can you help me to reset my window account.Hi Emilia, I forget my email password, help me reset.
6. My new toy is office telephone set. I carry it around almost every time.
7. When the new staff arrived, I hold the power to their computer & email access.huahahaha
8. Be strong Emie, carry that tool bag. Climb on that ladder.Pull that cable.Owh, did I mention, I'm the only girl in my section..
9. Walkie-talkie is now more important than my handphone.
10. UPS is my life. UPS die, we in the network team also die!

I'm proud of what I am now. I'm blessed to be here , walking this journey to the successful me. Thank you Jesus!I enjoy my working life now although sometimes I can't really understand what I'm doing. Still a lot to learn! Stay strong Emie, enjoy life!!

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