Wednesday, March 23, 2011


first of all, big thanks to those that supported and donate in this project so far.God bless you upon your kindness. 2 DAYS left dear friends to lend our helping hands..Lets join our hand together and help Japanese by participating in this my previous entry to know more..

If you wish to donate, you may contact me through my facebook or email me at you cannot give me the blanket because of distance & time constrain, bank in your money to me, and I will help you to get 1..budget:rm13 each blanket.Lebih dialu-alukan..But, make sure to settle all this BEFORE FRIDAY 25/3/2011..i will post the photos of all colecting blankets ~sebagai bukti ..and if you email me, leave your comment at my chat box, to alert me-)

For mo info go to..

This will be an opportunity for us to feel that we are contributing in a significant way in making
a difference in the lives of others in severe need.