Saturday, April 20, 2013

Officially jobless

Ola everybody:-)

Refer to the title, yes, I am officially jobless now after finishing my 1 year contract as Campus Ministry Officer (CMO) for MJD. Feeling awkward yo, doing nothing everyday and earning nothing. I need money, I have family waiting for me to start taking care of their needs, I have PTPTN to pay, I have delayed broadband bill to pay, I seriously need job A.S.A.P!

But, I must be positive. God called me 1 year ago, & He definitely won't left me alone half way. He had planned everything for me. I have FAITH! God will give me suitable job very soon, in His perfect time. Wait & have faith Emie.

So while waiting , I take chances to improve my cooking skills, especially in  baking . With support from my family, everyday now I spend my time learning to bake cakes, biscuits and kuih-muih. I have a dream, 1 day I will open my own bakery :-) Whose know this 'tak pandai masak Emie' can own her own bakery 1 day right? Amen to that! I also started baking cakes for friends & family birthday now,yes, you can order now..hahaha.. Coming soon, Smarties Chocolate cake for Naomi's 2nd birthday, and Red Velvet Moist Cake for Mothers's Day. So, I better ready with the recipes now. Mr .Google yeah..ahaha..Gotta go for now, pray that I will get my job very soon dear friend. Have a great everyday. God bless.

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