Monday, April 13, 2009

i love my family...

18 days before goin back home..really miss my family,tia sabar mo jumpa dorang suma...dorang pun rindu sa bha tue..huhuhu..sorry, when a lot of things to do, i forget them...even didn't say 'hi' at family is my spirit, my tau, mak ,nenek ,datuk sa, (kakak ,abang,adik mungkin baca) takkan baca blog nie, tp only to xpress how much i love them in this post...hehehehe.. this is the faces of my beloved ol my cousins, next time i upload ur guys-gals photos u ol..gbu ol..i got a poem from internet that i think express wat i feel bout my family...really...apakah maksud sa,,hahaha

i put hearts symbol on my pakyeng n makyeng(grandpa n grandma in melanau) coz they are symbol of love in my family..hihihi..tua2, romantik lgi tue..

I think about those I do not see,
Sensing that they too think of me.
So many miles I have strayed,

When I could have simply stayed.

Merely to expand the bond,

To make new memories far beyond.

Life's choices find us miles apart,
Ever close with the beat of my heart.

To relive in my minds eye,

Keeps them close and always near by.
Memories gathered from the start,
Forever alive within my heart.

My message is so simple and small.

Those three words most important of all,


~© Terri Napoleon~ poetry