Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm happy with Your plan God...

Hallo all.

Yesterday, my CSS-GIFT having our 22nd AGM.Aim for this is to dissolve the previous exco and elect the new 1...I’m the part of the previous exco and also nominate myself for the new exco. Before this, I serve as Coordinator for GIFT Liturgical Department (GLD). Although, it was a very tough job for me, it was really a wonderful experience. Every week, I and my beloved Vice Coordinator Rina yg cute need to prepare for mass. Find the server, prepare the slide and make sure masses is running smoothly became routine of my life since I hold that post for the past 1 year. At first, I enjoy my job but it not last long. It started became a burden for me. I cannot concentrate during masses. I always worried about how the mass wil run. Is it run smoothly? Are the servers serve well without any mistake? Are they any problem during mass, and so many other things to worries about . .I really need to work hard before every masses .Sometime I feel I’m not serve with all my heart anymore, but only to fulfill my duty. And until one part I blame this job for my bad performance in academic. I said to myself, I will retire after this, GIFT really cause curse in my life. It really a breakdown in my life.How bad am I right?huhu. But, thanks God, I manage to fulfill my duties until the day I retired.

On 6-7 March 2010, 2 weeks before retirement, I was lucky to join a retreat for exco organized by GIFT Faith Development Department, Lorna & Bunga. And once again, thanks God the theme is really relate to me and my duty in GIFT. The prodigal son.(Luke15:11-32). This retreat really opens my heart, my eyes. In serve God we must offer ourselves to God with love, not only because of our duty, our responsibility. Then, God called me to serve again in GIFT by open my heart to nominate myself forVice President 2 and treasurer position for the AGM.

The time come, AGM was successful and the result is:

President : Milton Wider

VP1: Steffi Mit

VP2: Karlvin Jungan

Secretary: Sylvia Bunga

Treasurer : Lorna Carolyn Miseh

GFD: Grace Lulo

GFDD: Rayner

GLD: Felicia(c)

Carolyn Jemmy(vc)

GMM: Constantine(c)


Mission: Clarissa Blasius(c)

Bathromiaz James(vc)

Public Relation & MJCC Representatives: Aurel Lotius Bagu

T& T: Rachel Aswin

Publicity : Hazelyna Makerly

Eh, where is my name? Is it missing? kalah undi bha first ,yah, I feel a little bit sad.

This is my conversation with God right after the AGM:

Dut dut: “God, why when I feel still want to serve You, You don’t want to give me a chance”. I want to prove this time I will offer everything to You with love. But why don’t You give me any chance??”

God: My dearest Dut dut. What are you so worried of? Who said you cannot serve Me anymore? I love you Dut and I want to give you a little time for yourself, to concentrate more on your study and your uni life. I know you are 1 of (Persatuan Mahasiswa Sarawak (MASSA) Committee and you have your commitment there. Then, Punggek Film Festival is still going on. I don’t want you to lose on your way Dut dut. It’s not about how much power you achieve, but it is about how much you love me. Just do with all your heart the best you can. Serving Me is not about pushing yourself over the limit, but it is about getting yourself happiness in your days. I love you Dut dut.

Dut dut: God is good, all the time. I’m happy with Your plan God & I know You made everthing for a reason.Thanks God..:-)