Monday, September 30, 2013

Close Friendship.def

How exactly you define a close friendship?
Some maybe want to always keep in touch with each others, sharing stories almost everyday. This normally goes with one with soft heart, usually a girl.
Some maybe goes with , as long as we remember each other & do contact each other once a while, we are ok! This normally goes with one with strong heart, usually a guy.
Some maybe keep fighting with each other, but still they are each other shoulder to cry on. This normally goes with very long term friendship, childhood friend, usually girl-boy close friendship.
I would say, I clearly fall under the first group. I used to be very sensitive & afraid of being forgotten by my friend, especially my close one. Then the paranoid me will non-stop contacting that friend & being sensitive when I did not get the respond as what I wish, fear of losing a friend, especially when distance involved.
But, a true friend of mine finally make me understand, this is not how a real friendship should work. Friendship is not only about me getting all the attention I want, but for my friends to also have time for themself, space for them to be at their best. The number of text messages or phone call you exchanged with each other does not directly proportional with how strong is your friendship. Its about the heart! And its all about trust!
No matter which one you choose, it must fit both side well. You & your friend must understand & accept each other well. Always be open to each other, friendship won't work one way, it prefer two-ways.Talk, discuss & argue sometimes!Argument does help you in understand your friends more, but bear in mind be wise in your argument, its not about who's right who's wrong, its about getting to know each other better & learn to respect each other more.
Friendship loves this formula, Give more, expect less! And never ever treat your friends the way you want them to treat you.You may liking it to dead, but not your friends. Treat them the way they want it.
Read Gary Chapman Five Love languages book &  learn to understand your friend love language, it does help a lot!
A friend is the angel sent by God, do appreciate them for every angel comes with lots of blessing.
To a friend somewhere out there, I'm sorry for taking too much time to understand all this.Thanks for the lesson learned. God bless our friendship.Take care there & always remember, you always be in my prayers.

Hugs ,

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