Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just friend.....

"Sometimes, the best way to be close to someone is to being friends. Nothing more, nothing less..."

picked this from my fren's FB status today, & strongly agree with this statement.Why, cause I experienced this before, not once, but twice..

Once,lama dulu... I have a friend, very close friend.He is my shoulder to cry on, everytime I'm in trouble , first person that I will told is him.Everyday, we will messages each other,saying "hi", "good morning", what we doing, or what happened to each other.That become our routine, and yeah, seriously I enjoy this friendship very much. Its good to know that someone is with you anytime, in your happy or even in your sad time.He really that type of friend. I'm very lucky to have him as friend, a close friend.

But then, who knows, something happened and changed everything. My crazy feeling ruins our friendship. I started to ask for more..more than a friendship..Yes,I fall in love with him..I admit, I still young that time, and dengan bodohnya, I told him, i love him more than a friend..My God, Emie, perigi cari timba kan.but, good also i told him, if not, I will regret it until, back to topic..After that, everything changes, he start to run away from me, neglect my every SMS and I know, by that time, I not only ruined my friendship, but also lost my close friend..And, until now,kami jarang sudah, conclusion..

"Sometimes, the best way to be close to someone is to being friends. Nothing more, nothing less..."

Hidup memang banyak pilihan and yet, kita tidak boleh tamak..Hargai apa yang telah kita miliki, sebelum kita meminta lebih..Kalau sememangnya kita sudah ditakdirkan untuk memiliki "sesuatu" itu, masanya akan tiba tanpa perlu kita meminta-minta.God has planned everything ,wonderfully for us...Semoga Emie semakin matang ya Tuhan..amen.

Cerita ini sekadar sebuah cerita, bukan untuk sebarang kajian, atau ulasan...sekian terima kasih..

with love,

Di sebalik satu senyuman:-)

cute little jamie that never failed to give a smile when we take his photo.

Saya sentiasa percaya kuasa satu senyuman.Senyuman boleh membuatkan satu hati yang sedang berduka sembuh seketika, senyum bisa melembutkan hati yang sedang amarah, senyum juga bisa menenangkan jiwa yang sedang gusar, senyum bisa membuatkan sang pria tak keruan, malahan senyum juga boleh membuatkan hari anda penuh keceriaan. So, 

Good morning everyone, & Start your day with a Smile:-)
Google smile:-)

Siapa tahu, mungkin senyuman yang kamu berikan hari ini membuatkan seseorang di luar sana lebih ceria.Atau mungkin, hari ini dia dilanda musibah, dan harinya bermula dengan sesuatu yang kurang baik, membuatkan dia jadi tidak bersemangat, tetapi dengan senyuman yang kamu berikan, sekurang-kurangnya kamu menyinari harinya, mengingatkan dia hidup ini indah:-)Saya tinggalkan kalian, dengan lagu ini, Smile by Charlie Chaplin covered by Glee cast.hayati lirik lagu ni k & have a nice day:-)

Smile though your heart is aching 
Smile even though it's breaking. 

When there are clouds in the sky 

you'll get by. 

If you smile through your pain and sorrow 
Smile and maybe tomorrow 
You'll see the sun come shining through 
For you. 

Light up your face with gladness, 
Hide every trace of sadness. 
Although a tear may be ever so near 
That's the time you must keep on trying 
Smile, what's the use of crying. 
You'll find that life is still worthwhile- 
If you just smile.

[ From: ]

My friend, Alex and his band also made covered of this song and I love it very much, but so sad, i cannot share it here, its in mp3 format.But, if you wish, you can check their songs here,

bha...senyum selalu..

Emie dutz

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The awesomeness of my 2011 Easter

Happy Easter to all, Belated Easter actually.Kinda busy last few days, with project & so on, so don't have too much time blogging.Dah naik pangkat katakan, biasalah, busy lebih sikit.ahaha.Rasa tak lengkap kalo xda entry pasal Easter ni.Holy Thursday ada, Good Friday ada, & Easter, seharusnya ada, walapun lambat cikit kan..Barulah lengkap Tridium saya:-)


I enjoy this Easter very much.
*Easter Vigil Mass was very exciting,with musicians and choirs(both BM/BI and Tamil group) rocks the night!
Father yang lead Mass pun very cool, sporting.I love his homily very much.His meditation juga..Like when he sing..terbuai-buai dengar.

 My 1st  Easter egg. I never had any Easter Egg before.This is the 1st time..thanks to Tamil brothers & sisters 4 preparing such a wonderful eggs and laddoo.

*Then, makan-makan di Melodi.Enjoy eating with all Gifters there...Makanan hari2 jadi super sedap bila makan ngan orang-orang yang kita sayang:-)

 *Next, karaoke session at My Idol..U guys/gals again, rock my night!I have a lot of fun "melalak" that night:-)

*End up my Easter Celebration with steamboat session at Master Steamboat..Thanks ya for those yang join.Yang tidak dapat join, never mind, next time kita pegi ramai-ramai k.Yang penting dalam kesibukan di tempat kerja, God gave me this awesome Easter.Thanks God for this wonderful Easter.
Hope you all enjoy that Easter as much as I do....

Seriously, 3 years here at Johor, this is the best Easter I ever had.Thanks God for your awesome love :-)
ok, end here...ngantuk sudah..line pun slow..uhuhu..nite people...

with love,


Friday, April 22, 2011

i need answer!thank you..

What will you do if you feeling unsatisfied with something, or someone??Would you fight for that??

confius ni,

emie dut2..

Its Good Friday:-)

Hello there,

Before that,I just want to add some point about my post on Holy Thursday yesterday. This what I got from yesterday holy mass, thanks to Father(sorry, donno his name) for a very nice homily. Its really help me to understand more on what is Holy Thursday mean:-)

**Important things that happen on The Last Supper 2000 years ago
1.Jesus established the priesthood
2.Jesus gives His followers symbols of remembrance for His body and His blood sacrified on the behalf of all mankind through the consecration of the Holy Eucharist.This is the beginning of Eucharist celebration during the mass.
3. Jesus gives the new commandment which is " Love one another as I have love you".

additional source

and today...Its GOOD FRIDAY:-)Public holiday for Sabah & Sarawak, but not here..uhuhu..


Lets the spirit of Jesus Christ who was died for us on this day 2000 years ago,living within us today , every day and to the end of our day.

Another song for you guys/gals..oso by Rhema Marvanne, Note to God:-)

lots of love,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Holy Thursday

Hi there,
to all my Christian friends out there..


God bless you and your family.Here,my gift to all of you on this Holy Thursday. I really fill by holy spirit when listening to this young amazing little girl. Rhema Marvanne ,8 years old, a Gospel Singer...will talk more about this girl later k..Enjoy your day...god bless..

with love,
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The awesome Dianna Agron..

Hello there,
This is my 1st entry about entertainment world or more specific ,Hollywood .This young stunning movie star  really makes me excited to talk about her. I bet you guys/gals especially Glee fan know her.
Proudly present DIANNA AGRON or as known as Quinn Fabray in Glee showcast.

OMG, I'm a big fan of this girl. I love it when  every time she on TV show(talk show), she really good in making jokes and answering question. She is such a funny and classic girls.

10 facts maybe you don't know bout Dianna Agron.
1.Her faveret non-domestic animal is elephant.
2. She is very girly.Like to wear dress probably everyday
3 .The worst thing in world for her is blood drawn.
4. Teddy bear
5. Food can't touch her
6. She like challenging herself physically
7.Like the sound of water at the beach
8.Very good in cooking
9. Like things like pirates, skulls and witchcraft
10. Her lucky no. is 13.

credit to: FoxBroadCasting

and here, what fans says about her::

10 things we do know About Dianna Agron
1. She's beautiful
2.She's a wonderful person
3.She's gorgeous
4. She's really funny
5. She's so pretty
6. She's really a good actress
7-10. SHE IS SO HOT.

credit to: FoxBroadCasting

and to me..this is..

10 things make me admire Dianna Agron
1.I love her smile
2. I love the way she laugh
3. She is funny
4. I love her acting especially in Glee
5. and, for sure, I love her sweet voice
6. I love her cheerful personality
7. She is cute.
8-10. I love everything about her.


****all images from google.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pil Tidur saya....

Semalam, saya tidur dari pukul 7pm & bangun 7.30 am pagi ni..Gilak! Nasib baik ada terbangun kejap dari jam 12.30am-2.00am, pergi mandi & merepek kejap di blog..kalo tidak, I sleep all night long owh..kai..anak dara ni.haha...Ni semua gara-gara makan pil tidur petang semalam...Ni lah pil tidur saya...

Maggi+ Belacan...

habis jak saya menjamu selera dengan Maggi sebungkus, mata ibarat dilekat-lekat, tilam dan bantal menyeru-nyeru dan hasilnya, saya tidur dengan lenanya ibarat kena bagi makan "pil tidur"...Lepas ni tau lah apa yang perlu saya buat kalau mengalami kegagalan tidur..wanna try guys..><

image pinjaman Google

image pinjaman Google

image pinjaman Google

OMG..time menulis ni pun saya bole terliur-liur mengenangkan Maggi+ belacan yang menanti saya di bilik..Lebih sedap kalau pekena Maggi kari+ belacan and perah sedikit limau, kalau yang ni, dalam tidur pun termimpi-mimpi ni.ahaha...kawan2 selalu tanya, sedap kah emie, maggi+ belacan?Haha..Cuba dulu kawan2..belum cuba belum tau. Tapi, selera manusia lain2, bagi saya yang hantu belacan ni, yang gemar makanan kampung "the taste is awesome!"..bha try lah sendiri k, mungkin anda pun akan tidur nyenyak macam saya..ahaha..

Dapatkan maggi di pasaran, seluruh Malaysia..Untuk belacan yang terbaik, cari ejen-ejen belacan dari Bintulu..:-)

Kelaparan cerita pasal makanan, stop here..

salam maggi + belacan,
emie dut'z

no title!

I did not really prefer actually bloging this hour, cause I tend to be very emo. But, what to do, I suddenly wake up, and cannot sleep already..aish...

"Sometimes life can be very unfair. Why the one that ever hurt us received happiness more than us, while we still trying to recover from the wound that person gave us!"

See, I told you, I tend to be very emotional.Just wanna express how  frustrated am I when I saw the one that ever hurt me so much can be in a great happiness right now, while here I am, still trying to throw away all the pain that person left in my heart. Yah, I can forgive but not to forget. Once a person ever hurt me, yes, I will forgive, but to forget ,I dunno when.Sound so childish right, but indeed, life is unfair. I want the happiness that the person stole from me.....Dear God,I pray.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saya Sayang Baby

Blogwalking & singgah di blog Amy and tertarik ngan contest yang beliau dan bro beliau anjurkan..Saya sayang Baby..Actually, sebelum ni dah ada buat satu entry yang suku sakat ngan topik ni, entitled I love check then.hehe..Info pasal contest ni, klik here k...So, here is it::

Saya sangat suka baby. Setiap kali saya ngan baby comel ni, saya akan happy, jiwa ceria and I found peace in them. There is "hope" that lies in their eyes.Paling saya suka pasal baby, they will not stop until they get want they want.kan..Contohnya, kalau dorang lapar & nak makan, selagi tak kena bagi susu atau makanan , selagi tu lah dorang akan merengek. Macam tu juga bila nak "pupu" atau nak barang mainan. Walau sekecil mana pun dorang, keinginan tu yang buat dorang kuat.Mak bapak gerenti tak tahan punya & akan berikan apa yang baby ni mau. I love their high determinant!

Lepas tu, makhluk Tuhan paling comel pasti dirangkul oleh baby2 yang ada kat dunia ni.. comelnya mereka, dengan kulit yang lembut, mata bulat, pipi gebu, arrrgh, rasa nak cium2 jak semua satu satu..bersama bayi2 kecil ini, saya rasa jiwa saya "segar" dan anak-anak kecil ini membawa penghiburan kepada saya.Pendek kata, saya sayang baby.

Tak sabarnya menanti kelahiran anak-anak buah saya.Yang 1st by this coming May, satu lagi maybe in July.

Baby Cester...Anak yg sangat ceria, aktif and x pernah lagi nmpak dia menangis..saaaaaaaaaangat comel..dan putih melepak.baru 7 bulan..

Baby Jamie, my memang minta puji sikit ni, dia sangat suka beraksi depan kamera..

Baby Shawn..Good boy ni..

seriously, x tau anak sapa, saya angkat2 jak anak orang time tu, lupa dah anak sapa..haha

baby Shahmi.anak officemate tempat LI..


so, gonna end here, mok jadi baby sitter dulu..Oh ya, kalau ada rezeki, suatu hari nanti nak buka satu nursery milik sendiri..Cita-citaku. :-)

with love,

GIFT 2011/2012 THEME!

Gifters, here, the theme of GIFT(Growing in Faith Together) as what have been chosen during this weekend planning camp ,for 2011/2012 batch under Komander Gu . With hope, all of us, as Gifters, as a family, will support every members, every GIFT activities and the most important thing, support all the exco so that TOGETHER we can achieve this theme, this aim which is, "GROWING IN FAITH AS A FAMILY THROUGH HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT!".

To all catholic student that currently studying at UTM, or will be entering UTM for this September intake, GIFT is here for all of us.Every of us is GIFTers...:-)Jangan malu, jangan segan, joinlah aktiviti-aktiviti GIFT k, main masak sama2, pi layan movie , karaoke and so on....kitakan satu keluarga:-)

note::FYI,GIFT is a Catholic Student Society of UTM, Johor. The best part of my life here at UTM is being a part of this AWESOME family:-)

with that,all the best...
Saturday, April 16, 2011

when my heart speaks......

If you think you can hurt me through your harsh words, I'm so sorry, cause you will never succeed. Every happy moments with you that I cherished is much much more greater than all the pain you try to give me!Love bears all things!
Image pinjam dari uncle google

If its hurt then, its not love anymore.The love is no more there!

4Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;b 6it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13.

random thought,