Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who said no one love you...

Who said no one loved you?
Look around you and see how much they love you..
One may not loved you, 
One may hurt you,
but still there is at least one out there is praying and cares for you.

Who said no one loved you?
Look  at the cross and see who died for you..
If this is not love, what is this..
He will always loves you when the world rejected you.

Who said no one loves you?
Closed your eyes and feel the loves of God..
Don't bother to seek it in other places,
Seek in your heart first and you will find the loves of God within..
Never think that no one loves you, because He does, He really does.
Smiles,you are loved!
God loves you very much.

Note for myself..
Emie-17/7/12 7.40am-Batangas, Philippine.