Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last Saturday, after having fun with orang asli fellows celebrating their new hall on the afternoon, I joined IK-UTM (Ikatan Kristian Group) BBQ at Balai Cerap at the evening. A good opening for my April, I guess.This is the first time I join IK activities as every time I plan to join, its always clash with others activities. It was fun then.We started at 7pm with ice breaking and games. The games was very interesting, but so sad I'm the spoiler of the games.The games need our movement to be synchronized with our brain and seriously I failed in this type of game.hoho..Quite difficult for me.Otak lambat bagi arahan..ahaha.Nanti minta yang pakar ajar di GIFT k..After games, we have a short quiz on Easter, sound scary right. Thanks God, I got the easy question, "when is Easter this year?" that, confidently I answered 24th April 2011.:-)

Although we are from different dominants but in IK Group we are ONE. Yes, there are differences in some of our practices, but still the main centre of Christianity is Jesus Christ.The love of Jesus Christ that makes us one although we are from different dominants.We Christian can sit together having coffee although 1 is SIB, 1 is Catholic and so on , we do respect each other.Oklah, enough talking..macam besa, layan gambar~

putihnya saya..haha

Aku puteri dan hulubalang2ku...ahhaha

beginilah bila meja ada tetapi belakang orang juga jadi pilihan.aha

sudah kenyang...

Wif Santika & Rachel..teman baru ini:-)

Tukang masak....


Nice mixing around with you guys/gals.Looking forward for another activity with this wonderful group:-)
photo by Jimmy..thanks..

with love,