Friday, January 22, 2010

Outrage over Iban village demolition...


1. Yesterday morning, on 19.01.2010 at Tatau sub-district, the Land and Survey enforcement team from all over Sarawak with few trucks of Army personnel and policemen went to demolish houses without prior notice to the landowners at Sg. Sekabai, Sebauh Bintulu. This particular land (the territorial domain) had been won by Tr. Nor Ak Nyawai and some others at the Malaysian Court few years ago. But unfortunately, how did the Company manage to convince the Court to approve for the eviction order is always remain a mystery to so many Indigenous peoples in Sarawak.

2. The enforcement personnel managed to demolished about 25 houses with all their belongings inside were destroyed indiscriminately for more than 4 hours of ugly service to the said 'company'. The way i look at it is that the Ibans (Indigenous Peoples) have no more right to their own land and the companies seem to have more rights and surely own more land everywhere. Now who own these big companies in Sarawak? The Indigenous people of Sg. Sekabai were still in the state of shock because of what had happened today to their houses and properties. Most of the occupants were left without any place to live right now and all their belongings were also intentionally destroyed by the enforcement. In Haiti peoples and properties were destroyed by natural disaster but strangely in Sarawak we are 'giving human disaster' to our own peoples without mercy.

3. The people of rumah Tr. Nor of Sg. Sekabai had a meeting yesterday night and i was there with them. Everyone looked very angry, very disappointed and very down as they lost their properties just within seconds by the enforcement. They did not only cut the houses but they smashed them with the tractors into pieces to the ground. They all agreed to stay put on the ground at Sg. Sekabai to prevent these 'demolishers' continue their barbaric act these few days. Please give your moral support by joining them on the ground today.

4. So I humbly appeal to any generous & good Samaritan to reach out to the people of Sg. sekabai to see into their needs especially food and shelter. Tr. Nor Ak Nyawai whose house is also being demolished has been tirelessly traveling with us to all parts of Malaysia to tell the truth about his court case. Since he and his people are in deep trouble because of this demolition I think it is human and fair that we assist him and his people. Many of them do not have place to stay and no food to eat. This is another 'Sign of the Time' just below our nose especially those of us who live in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Dated: 19.01.2010