Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mum

Because she is a mother,
She never sheds a tear in front of us even she is having the bad day of her life, Because she know,she must be strong for us.
Because she is a mother,
She dedicated everyday of her life doing everything she can, so that we can have what other kids have.
Because she is a mother,
She teach us the value of hardship from our very early age,
Because she know, through hardship then only we can grow wisely.
Because she is a mother,
She scolded me when I always wanted to leave school back then,
Because she know,without education I will be forever lost in my whole life. Because she is a mother,
She always forgive us countless times we did mistakes,even though sometimes its hurt her badly,
Because she know,we might hurt & sad if she did not forgive us.

I can't never recall how many times that I falling sick without you entertain me,because you always do.

And,did you know mum, you are the funniest mum in the world,
Especially when you are being crazy fool,the best mum!
We will laughing to dead every time we recall that moment.

I just wanted to tell you mum,in this special day,
I love you mum and I'm forever thankful for everything you did to us.

May God bless you always.

Anak mak yang paling kuat nangis,
Emie ditat <3