Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my uni life...

let's get stat with a story of my uni life..hohoho...uni life, seems like i'm riding a roller coster..sometimes at the bottom, sometimes at the top..bla d puncak,oh God, indahnya dunia,, bla d bwah, muncung sedepa..hehehe...luckily, God sent me some people that cheers me up when i feel down..utm, without gifters is really a boring place,,,btul..nsb bek datang utm, jumpa G.I.F.T(my CSS)..Penghiburan ada di, sepanjang dua sem nie, ni lah antara 'kerja gila' me wif gifters,,hihi..

guest where are we...hihi..absolutely at 'bintang gemilang'..with all talented and beautiful+hensem singers..ada artis jemputan lgi,yg bju putih itu...mantap itu..lg hebat, 9 0rg
1 kbox..ha2..

Gift telematch 09...hohoho.....walton as director..cayalah ten...aik, henry,hamper no berapa itu...hehe..thanks ol gifters,for being 100% sporting that day,wpun benda nie dah lm lepas..

the highest place at utm.balai cerap..
when life goes not like what it is suppose to be,
here,we release everything...

only bath can do that(jangan tiru aksi ini di rumah)hihi..

to be continue..hihi