Monday, November 11, 2013

Internet vs Faith??

This few days, I come to few video in You Tube on one preacher, on his testimonies,a miracle that lead him to believe that Jesus is his Savior  Every video that I watched do give me an impact! I love the way he describe on "listening to God's word". As I feel more excited about him, I go to find more about him through internet,but then, the more i doubted on him. There are many people who believes in him, but there are also people who not only not believing him but mocking him. Saying he is a false teacher, selling God's Words, doing all this preaching to earn money for himself. I go to his ministry website,then yes,there are business happening there. But still, its normal right, he might use all the money from CD, books selling for his ministry purpose. I can't judge by only reading all the comments from internet. I shouldn't judge him at all,only God can judge us. Gosh...

Its take me quite sometime to actually came out with a good reflection on this. The situation is like I just believed in everything he is saying, but then, suddenly others saying that he is a total cheater, a false teacher. The inner voice in me start saying " What, I was just start to believe!? " " Hurm,maybe the people are just trying to bring him down, jealous with him".. "Hurm...hurm.."
But then again, which 1 I should trust, the preacher who actually get my attention through his beautiful sharing, or the people who actually I don't know their purpose. YES, I AM CONFUSED. I am afraid, I consume the wrong food...But don't worry if sometimes you get confused when learning your faith.There is one sister who tell me this " Faith seek understanding! The curiosity is a good feeling to encourage you seek more understanding about your faith.

Then, finally, I start to figure things out. Its not about the preacher, or the people, ITS ALL ABOUT ME. ITS DEPENDS ON ME.Its doesn't matter the preacher is true or false, because it is Jesus whom I need to listen to. The preacher, whatever he is, the most important thing is that I know which one to consume,which one to follow. If I consume not with my faith, I won't get the right food. And, every answer to all my doubt are actually written in God's perfect book, the Bible. 

If the internet get you confused with your faith, get your Bible. The answer is there. Internet indeed gives you a lot of information,but it also confused you a lot sometimes. Then, read & listen not only with your eyes & ears but together with your FAITH! Then, you will know what is right,what is wrong..

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bukan taknak kesian..bukan taknak tolong

Bukan taknak kesian, bukan taknak tolong,
Tapi, lama-lama kita rasa penat juga bukan,
Tiap tiap kali cari kita minta kita tolong benda yang sama,
Sekali dua boleh lah, tapi kalau dah jadi rutin susah juga kan..
Bukan taknak kesian, bukan taknak tolong,
Tapi, kalau tiap tiap kali lepas kita tolong janji tak ditunaikan susah juga kan,
Kata time minta tolong A, tapi bila dah kita tolong B lah, C lah , D lah pula, susahlah kan..
Bukan taknak kesian, bukan taknak tolong,
Tapi kalau awak dan anak-anak awak tak kesian kan diri sendiri ,
tak nak tolong diri sendiri terlebih dulu susah juga kan,
Sampai bila nak mengharap orang kesiankan kita, tolong kita.
Bukan tak nak kesian, bukan taknak tolong,
Tapi tolonglah paham,
situasi awak tak adalah seteruk mana sebenarnya,
Awak cuma perlu bangkit,
Tuntut hak awak,
Sedarkan anak menantu awak,
Apa tanggungjawab mereka.
Bukan tak nak kesian, bukan taknak tolong,
Tapi saya harap awak faham,
Saya pun ada keluarga sendiri, tanggungjawab sendiri
Saya pun sama macam awak, tak mampu, tapi sebab semangat buat kami mampu.
Sebab sedar akan tanggungjawab buat kami macam lebih maju.
Saya minta maaf kalau saya tak seperti yang awak harapkan.
Tapi saya dah penat, ajar memancing sudah, tak cukup diberi juga ikan mentah-mentah,
Rasanya masa untuk yang seharusnya bertanggungjawab ambil peduli.
Saya betul-betul minta maaf.

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