Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 3 —A letter to Your Parent

day 3 come....i should write letter to my parent..because both of them are not at the same place, so i will write 1 for my mum and 1 for my daddy, so this gonna be very long entry

dear mak,
I can't remember the last time I send mak a letter like this.The only thing I remember, I sent that letter to ask for money. And today, the purposes is different, although surely mak won't reading this, but I would like mak to know how glad I'm being your daughter for the past 22 years.

Thanks mak, for your love that created and brought me to this world.
Thanks for being such a strong mum and never cried in front of us
after daddy gone.
Thanks because never show to us how much pain you have gone through to raise four of us alone.
Thanks for your sleepless night to calm me, cheers me up when I cry all night long.
Thanks cause never failed to provide us with food, clothes and perfect house.
Thanks cause never say no every time I ask for money..
Thanks cause always be there for us...
A lot mak, and I'm speechless now...thanks for everything....

You know what mak, just now homily by Dr.Sherman really touched me. Its about a mother that will do anything to support his children, while the children never care about the pain that his mother had gone through..I'm just the same with that boy mak....22 years past, and I don't even tried to understand your struggle in raising us...I never tried to at least touched your hands once and felt how hard you worked for us until this time...What i know, calling you, not to say hi, or asking how you been, but just to ask for money, money, money...sorry mak for being that heartless daughter. I still remember, when I was a small little girl, I always complaining every time you bring us to help you at paddy field. I really hate that time mak, I felt that you never understand our feeling.We children should staying at home, playing with friend, but every holiday, you will asked us to worked. i hated it mak, very much..But know, i realized, that all is not for others, but for ourself, and if not us that help us, who else.. Sorry mak, because being very lazy and not supportive daughter at all..If only I could go back to that time and help you with a sincere heart.Sorry for the fight after you married again that day mak, I do that just because I don't ready to share your love with other, I'm afraid that you will lost your focus on us, your children..Sorry for make you crying that night mak..And sorry for running away from that problem, for ignoring your calls and hiding myself from you. I just don't want to be hurt anymore that time , sorry for being that selfish. Sorry for never understand the sorrow in your eyes.. Sorry for everything mak, and before I end this, i should tell you this, the word that I failed to tell you for the past 22 years..I love you mum..I love you mum..may God bless you owez....

your daughter,
me n mak...


Dear Apak,

This gonna be my first letter to you..and, of course, a lot to say pak..

its been a while after you left us pak..18 years old, and I'm a big girl now..I'm at my 5th sem at UTM right now, learning Science Computer. hurm, i didn't like this course actually pak, but, this is God's plan, so I should accept it..right..but, so sorry pak, look like I'm not going be a teacher as you wish..tak cukup syarat lah pak.hahhaha....But don't worry, at least Bibek is a teacher now, teaching budak tadika..Zack working at Kapit, juruteknologi makmal perubatan..Bibek was married, Zack pun, and Bibek will become mama soon, your first grandchild pak, pray for that baby ok. Said to Father above( I know you with Him), i want a comel2 nephew/niece..just like me..haha. Yana, is preparing for her STPM paper on this coming Tuesday..Wish her a good luck pak, this gonna be very tough one for her, STPM in Science stream..But don't worry pak, you know Yana, she will try her very best..oh ya, I'm having my final exam right now pak, then, 9 more days, and I will be
How I wish you are here right now pak, still too much to talk..I miss you pak, but I promise, I won't cry anymore every time I think of you, cause I know you didn't like that tears. I will be a strong daughter pak, not that little congek girl anymore. I will face each problem with your spirit inside me, i won't give up easily anymore pak...Just 1 request pak, can you appear in my dream tonight pak, i just want to meet you...last word, I love you pak..may God bless you always..

your daughter,

my apak...

end of day 3...