Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I wish I can fly..

Oh..How I wish I can fly, so that I can go back, for the coming Sarawak State Election.So sad, the election is carry out when I'm here, far away from home. Maybe, people will say, "alah, ko bukan YB yang bertanding tu, tak penting pun ko ada  ka tiada"..hurm..But, my dear friend, have you ever heard about THE POWER OF ONE VOTE! It can bring changes to our future you know...And I wish there is a way so that all Sarawakian students at Sabah & Peninsular Malaysia can vote too. Maybe using "Undi Pos",bagi peruntukan untuk kami balik or wujudkan pusat mengundi di setiap IPTA/S for students.

image Google..

For what we registered to vote, if then we have no chance to do so..ho..SPR or mana-mana pihak yang berkenaan should think bout this..See, how much vote from students that you much people voice that you ignore..I believe, WE IPTA/S STUDENTS WANTED TO VOTE TOO(angkat tangan macam Usop Welcha kalau anda setuju:-)) sad......To all friends, which is at Sarawak right now, DO VOTING ok! 16th APRIL 2011.Remember, THE POWER OF 1 VOTE..Vote Wisely, and think about future, about our generation.All the best to Sarawak..Lets the voice of the truth be heard..Hidup anak bangsa Sarawak, anak orang asal, anak bangsa Malaysia!

ako anak liko Sarawak,