Thursday, October 30, 2014

Make up Base , all about that base :-)

Entering the new stage of life, from a girl to a career women, I found myself start to put more interest in learning about make up skills and facial care all those stuff. At first, I found its weird to actually letting myself going into so much trouble looking for those make up things that I never care for too much before. But thanks to so many online shops now, you can easily get all those make up things that you need with a great deal and fast services. Zalora is one of them. I will tell more about Zalora in my next post, stay tuned for that !

Today, lets talk about make up base, all about that base :-P  People often says, natural beauty is the best, but still, women need make up to enhance that natural beauty. Make up will make women looks more glowing and full of charisma. And the key point of this all is to choose the right make up base. Check your make up kits now, if you don't have at least one  Make up base   such as foundation and concealer, it means your make up kits is incomplete and you better hurry get one ! However, picking the right make up base sometimes not that easy right, especially to the beginner. But don't worry women, below I share 3 tips to keep on mind when shopping for make up base.

1. Skin Colour

First of all, take your time when choosing the right colour of make up base that suit your skin tone. Remember, even a slight undertone of the colour, your face will definitely look a bit off. Make sure you do not holding the product colour close to your face instead of comparing it to your hands. If there are samples, take advantage of it as it will definitely help you make a wise choice.

2. Skin Type

The second tips that can be practiced while choosing a make up base is to select a foundation which suits your skin type. Some people may have dry skin and some may have oily skin. Choosing the wrong makeup base can ruin your skin resulting to clogged pores and acne. For a dry skin, choose a foundation which are made for dry skin type, so that you will not have cracked face at all. For the individuals with oily skin, go for a normal type of foundation which does not have greasy texture. Make up bases often work well on oily skin. It will help you to get smooth skin if you choose the perfect make up base for oily skin. Besides that, women can tackle the oily skin by applying powder constantly through the day. 

3. Reviews on internet

In this era of technology, internet can be a great help to us even in choosing the right make up base. What I always do is find Mr.Google, he has more than 1000 answers for my question. Before purchasing the right make up base, do a very simple study by watching or reading user reviews on internet. Go Google, blogs, You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, a lot of user share their product review online. You will find a make up base you are confident in purchasing. And while you are doing that review online, why not order the foundations you want on the internet too. If you are wondering where to get a wide selection of make up base products online, check out ZALORA to get the best deals possible and have it delivered right at your doorstep!

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